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Rongoworks Boro Plush Ankle Boots with Eco Fur Lining

Rongoworks Boro Plush Ankle Boots with Eco Fur Lining

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A Symphony of Effortless Warmth and Rugged Flair:

The Boro isn't just comfortable; it exudes a rugged charm that transcends trends. The unisex silhouette complements every stride, while the plush fur lining adds a touch of playful warmth. The eco-fur, warm as a crackling campfire yet light as a whispered wish, makes them the perfect companions for icy mornings and snow-dusted trails alike. These aren't just any boots; they're an extension of your inner winter explorer, empowering you to conquer the frosted landscape, draped in a comfort that rivals the resilience of the mountains themselves.

From City Streets to Snowy Summits, a Transformation of Effortless Adventure:

The Boro is a versatile companion for all your winter adventures. Whether trekking through bustling streets with a confident stride or scaling snow-capped peaks with a determined heart, the boots ensure you remain both comfortable and stylish. The rugged tread grips uneven terrain with surefooted ease, transforming from city pavement warriors to trusty mountain companions with effortless adaptability. No matter the setting, the Boro ensures you radiate an effortless confidence, one that speaks volumes about your appreciation for luxurious warmth, the thrill of winter exploration, and your unwavering connection to the untamed spirit within.

1.Please measure your foot length with below method.

US size 5=Asian size 36= 23 cm foot length;
US size 5.5=Asian size 37= 23.5 cm foot length;
US size 6=Asian size 38= 24 cm foot length;
US size 6.5=Asian size 39= 24.5 cm foot length;

US size 7=Asian size 40= 25 cm foot length;

US size 7.5=Asian size 41= 25.5 cm foot length;

US size 8=Asian size 42= 26 cm foot length;

US size 8.5=Asian size 43= 26.5 cm foot length;

US size 9=Asian size 44= 27 cm foot length;

US size 9.5=Asian size 45= 27.5 cm foot length;

US size 10=Asian size 46= 28 cm foot length;


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